Testnet fast catchup stuck at processing accounts


Newbie here. I am following the Your first transaction tutorial but when I run the ./sandbox up testnet -v command the execution reaches “Starting fast-catchup with catchpoint: 17120000#KCCFODHSR2P2JWGU6XQ6MU3CBBBAYT77FXRUWI3X4MPNPLJBPRUA” and doesn’t move on.

Can someone let me know if I am missing something or doing it wrong?

Welcome to Algorand!

Are you using a fast SSD or a hard drive?
Hard drive or slow SATA SSD do not work anymore. They are way too slow for the current TPS.

How much RAM do you have? You need at the very least 4GB.

Thank you for the reply!

I have 16GB ram, my SSD is WDC PC SN530 SDBPNPZ-512G - not sure if it qualifies as “fast”.

Your SSD is good for sure, as it’s an NVMe SSD.

Can you try:

git pull
./sandbox clean
./sandbox up testnet -v

This will remove all your accounts if you created any.

Thanks, this is a gaming laptop with Windows. I followed the instructions but nope - it’s again stuck at the same point. I’m wondering if this could be caused by the antivirus…I’ll try to run the example under Linux in a virtual machine.

It sounds silly but the root of my issues was the internet provider - when I switched to internet from my phone everything went well :exploding_head:

Thanks for coming back with the solution!

Yes, some Internet providers are blocking some DNS queries indeed.
In particular, they are blocking DNSSec that we use.
A non-ideal workaround is to disable DNSSec: