Few questions about Algorand Inc., Foundation and Network

1\ How are the foundation officials elected or appointed?
2\ What is the relationship between Algorand inc., the foundation and network?
3\ Who decides about the protocol changes? inc. or foundation. However foundation doesn’t have the structure (dev, scientists, etc.) to implement any changes it might propose. So, how do the dynamics between them work?
4\ What are incentives for Algorand inc. (in addition to the assigned algos) to have the network success as its main objective? For example why not start networks #2, #3, etc. or other products in order to increase its revenue/profit? In other words, how are the inc. incentives aligned with the Algos maximum value?
5\ Why should someone buy $Algo and not Algorand inc. shares (I know that it is not publicly available but you get the point)?
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