Get transactions by application-id

I build and install indexer from GitHub - algorand/indexer: searchable history and current state
i installed them in
when try to GET request to
the result is the message

{“message”:“provided disabled parameter: application-id”}

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Which versions/branches are you using?
It is best to stay on stable branch for algod/ GitHub - algorand/go-algorand: Algorand's official implementation in Go. and master for indexer/ GitHub - algorand/indexer: searchable history and current state

Thank’s I cloned go-algorand branche rel/stable and indexer branche master.
Now it work.

I just got this error too, for the address-role parameter. After browsing a while, found that it was added to the disabled params here: Disable Parameters in REST API (#892) · algorand/indexer@1216e79 · GitHub

It would be helpful if this was added to the release notes - there’s no mention of it.

[Edit: Please ignore my comment and refer to Will’s comment below: Get transactions by application-id - #6 by will]

Actually it was in the release notes of 2.10.0 but a bit hidden: Release Algorand Indexer 2.10.0 · algorand/indexer · GitHub

See: Disable parameters in rest api ([#892](

The release notes about this feature are a little misleading. It was implemented and included in 2.10.0, but the feature is completely disabled.

If you see a provided disabled parameter error, it means you’re using an unreleased version of Indexer. You can continue using this version, but please take a look at the documentation for this feature.

In the next version, when this feature is enabled in the release, there will be specific comments in the release notes calling out the change in behavior.