Global State Storage Limit of App in Algorand


How to increase the global state storage limit of algorand app? Since currently size of global bytes or ints are limited to 65, right?

What if in my contract, at every transaction - I need to store the state of the transaction in global state. So this way, for every transaction, the global state will be increased like after 40-50 transactions, my global storage limit will be over and then my app won’t be able to store any further data into the app? Right?

How can I extend this storage?

For example, every time a user withdraws tokens we will be adding a new global state on the blockchain app. In this scenario, after 65 transactions - the global state storage of Algorand app will be finished and if I process a new transaction then I would receive the error in this way:(node:11392) UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: Error: Network request error. Received status 400: TransactionPool.Remember: transaction T2RBII6STBAECRWKLDR7OK5Q5IEA37YJTK6KPDYVNPYHDTIRCQMQ: logic eval error: store bytes count 27 exceeds schema bytes count 26. Details: pc=1327, opcodes=concat
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app_global_put Since, our app heavily depends on the global state storage, how can we extend this state storage limit? Please suggest a viable solution using which we can receive an unlimited storage limit or at-least an enormous amount of state data can be stored.

Hey team,

Any response on this?

Hi @salman.haider , welcome on Algorand Forum!
I am not an Algorand employee. You should organize your app, so that those apps which opt in, store the state. If you want to store state globally, you can do it,in theory at least: you can rekey another account to your account, and so expand the key/value pair limit.

technically the global states are only stored in the current app’s storage but not in an account’s storage right? Can you please share some example on how we can achieve this. I have tried several ways but didn’t work.

There should be a way to expand the key/value pair limit. As there are several real time apps who stores thousands of state variables in the global state.

See this forum entry: