Go SDK installation error by "go get ..."

Hi all.
I’m trying to install the Go SDK on a virtual machine (Openstack with Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS).
Using the command:

go get -u github.com/algorand/go-algorand-sdk/

I get the following error:

package github.com/algorand: invalid github.com/ import path “github.com/algorand

Here is the environment:

go version go1.15.6 linux/amd64
git version 2.17.1

Any help?

The ... in the path above are the Unicode characters for ... rather than 3 dots.


go get -u github.com/algorand/go-algorand-sdk/...

following up on @fabrice point, it would be great if you can point us to where you’ve copy-pasted the above from. Is it somewhere in the Algorand documentation where we have that unicode instead of three dots ?

I copy-pasted the command from here:


where you can see a “go get” command having 2 dots instead of 3.


This caused the error when pasted in the command line.
It works typing the command by hand (with 3 dots) instead of pasting from the web page.

Thanks a lot for your help.

I did not see two dots on this page, I saw three, can you verify @i4gipi this page was correct page that had two dots?

copied from https://developer.algorand.org/docs/reference/sdks/#installation_3

go get -u github.com/algorand/go-algorand-sdk/...

In my previous post you can see in the attached image the 2 dots.
That image was a screenshot of the web page section related to Go and copy/paste from that page caused the error in “go get”.

I see now that the page has been updated, because now it shows 3 dots.

Thanks to all for your support,


I was following on @i4gipi feedback, and asked the repository maintainer to update the documentation.