GP12 DeFi Rewards TDR Brainstorm - AlgoRai

GP12 is coming and we’re preparing the next set of TDR proposals to be voted on during GP11 voting. Rather than creating a proposal and having it go through the feedback process later, we rather discuss the allocation possibilities ahead and take community suggestions in consideration early.

The GP11 proposal vote did not go our way at AlgoRai, so we’re open to do things differently this time around. AlgoRai offers a rather unique product that we believe offers a great alternative to more standard DeFi strategies.

Of course, allocating rewards to boost yield on our vaults will always be part of the plan, but we recognise attracting more liquidity to the chain and connecting with audiences beyond the existing network is evident for sustainable long term growth of the ecosystem.

We’re curious how you - the community - think AlgoRai can potentially allocate it’s DeFi rewards more strategically to achieve better results. Thank you!

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