Has anybody published anything about using Algorand from Java beyond "Your First Transaction"?

Quite some time ago, I vaguely recall looking at, and maybe even doing, the Java version of “Your First Transaction.”

The only reason I even remember that much is that I looked at it again just now. It looks familiar, but it also looks like something that doesn’t really accomplish anything useful: it’s just a matter of accessing a blockchain account from Java. Nothing even remotely as sophisticated as even the most elementary Reach tutorials and workshops.

Has anything else been published about using Algorand from Java? Has anybody even begun developing an RPC client for Java front-ends?

I do not know of detailed tutorials.

However, the 4 official SDKs (Java, Go, JS, Python) are very similar.
You most likely can translate from one to another, although for some reasons sometimes functions are named slightly differently…

Note that smart contracts would still need to be written in Python (nowadays - beaker is the best option), even if you use the Java SDK.

Or more likely, in Reach.