How much balance of an account minimum to create a transaction?

Hi everyone. I got the error message when I send the transaction (testnet).

{ message: ‘TransactionPool.Remember: transaction G7W3XMCJS7MPAO5XJCVZIZUOUF33KDOSMXSYJDTDK6JXKNKOI5CQ: account M4O77SCHWDWUBWQKYQ43BSY6K7WEED3EQPUUIIK3NP434THVADBEYXIRGI balance 998000 below min 1699000 (0 assets)’ }

Before sending the transaction, I have sent 1.0 Algo to this account.(M4O77SCHWDWUBWQKYQ43BSY6K7WEED3EQPUUIIK3NP434THVADBEYXIRGI).

How much balance of an account minimum to create a transaction?

I got the error message with the amount is not fixed so I don’t know how many Algo amounts I need send to new account before create a transaction.

{ message: ‘TransactionPool.Remember: transaction PK2KOLJSCO2H2HF2TILZZ6VTGSQZPULJ7KLLG4AU3DU2SZ3POEVA: account QO6UUPD6M37M2AZXBK43TM4ROYXFEE2AN626ZV4YVCGSOBOVCB6TETS4IM balance 1997000 below min 2498500 (0 assets)’ }

Hi, @truongnd, welcome at Algorand forum!
How do you create and send the tranasactions?

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The minimum account balance is derived from the formula (unique assets holding count + assets creator count + unique app participation count + unique app creator count + 1 ) * 0.1 algo.

The min balance is naturally evaluated as if the transaction already took place.

Hope this would help.

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@truongnd, in addition to the information provided by @tsachi, here you can find further details on minimum balance requirements for Stateful ASC1.


Thank all. I have an answer to my question.