How to create two nodes and make a transaction?


Hi guys my intent is to create two nodes and make a transaction. I would also like to know if the transaction was successful and then see the blockchain with the authorized block and added.

Sorry for my English.

POST SCRIPTUM: I created a private network with two nodes, two wallets, but when I try to make the transaction. I don’t know if it was successful. Can you help me?


It may not be the case in a Private Network, but on TestNet I get:
Transaction <tx-hash> committed in round <round-number> printed in the console after the transaction is confirmed.

As far as I know, there is no getresult type command that could be used to check the status of the last transaction made.

On private network I would use goal account list to see if the amounts look correct, but someone else may have a better method to check.


Thanks a lot!

Could you also help me with this other question?

How can I demonstrate consensus in private networks?


It’s not clear what you mean by ‘demonstrate consensus’ but you can monitor the consensus process using the carpenter tool for a given node. e.g. ~/node/carpenter -d ~/net1/Node. This tool parses the node.log file and prints out details for consensus-related events.