How to get block from rest API in msgpack format?

I can see via the docs on the REST API here that the command to get a block can return either JSON or msgpack, via an optional format query parameter.

However when I try and grab a msgpack encoded block via curl, I can’t get it to return the expected output:

> curl "<endpoint-here>/v2/blocks/20245195?format=msgpack"
> {"message":"Unknown parameter detected: format"}

How can I get the block in msgpack format?

Welcome to Algorand!

This works on my computer:

$ curl -s "" | msgpacktool -d -b32

Are you sure you are using an algod endpoint as opposed to an indexer endpoint?

The indexer indeed returns the message you indicate:

$ curl -s ""
{"message":"Unknown parameter detected: format"}

That will teach me not to use just IPs for the indexer and REST apis - you’re completely correct, I was querying the indexer. Thanks for the help!