How to get notification of event of txgroup processed by the node

in one project we have we would like to get notification of the transaction group or app call to our application asap when it is submitted to the blockchain.

are there any recommendation on how to do that?

possible solutions:

  • query the txpool list each 10 ms
  • inject into the algod node the message broker when it processes the tx to the node pool
  • connect to algod websocket feed and process only txs

Note that a transaction in the message pool may not be committed to the blockchain.

I’m guessing that if latency is key, you may need to write your own client or plug directly into the algod client. This is however quite complex.

Querying the /v2/transactions/pending is much simpler.
Don’t forget however in that case to set ForceFetchTransactions to true in config.json (Node configuration settings - Algorand Developer Portal)