How to increase rewards for a running node on a raspberry pi?

I am running a node on a raspberry pi but it does produce too little rewards

See rewards on algoexplorer

How to increase this rewards?

Rewards at present are given to anybody, having an Algorand account with amount of 1 Algo or more.
@mndlsn Grow chili instead of running a node. (Yes, seriously.)

Yes @Maugli the wallet I told it’s offline. Let me post the one that is online, now that I am done with the node chain sync

There are no extra rewards for running a node at the moment. In the future - they will add rewards for node runners.

Right now you are getting the ~5% APY for staking rewards that everyone gets for their ALGOs being in an official wallet.

In short - add more ALGO to the wallet to receive more in rewards.

Do you know if rewards will increase by October 1?

Hi, @Betty59 , welcome to the forum!

Do you know if rewards will increase by October 1?
No, they won't.

But a form of crippled self-governance will start at that time. You can be a governor, you can “vote” in some question, and at the same time lock down your money as a govenor. They promise between 6% and 24% extra interest per year, depending on the amount of capital the governors will lock. If 4 Billion Algos will be locked, they promise 6%, if 1 Billion, then 24 % additional interest.

@Betty59 After governance gets off the ground, it is the intent of the program for the governors to vote on participation node reward structures

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