Indexer AddBlock() error


I am running an indexer and this error occurred.

{"error":"AddBlock() eval err: transaction ADTOMYVVD3UTCAXLFJYM7MVW7EIID73U6ESSCT6BOBQMJEMPYZRA: logic eval error: - would result negative","level":"error","msg":"adding block 16679365 to database failed","time":"------"}

Was wondering if anyone else encountered this and could possibly help me understand why it occurred and how to fix it.

This is expected if you upgraded to indexer 2.7.1.

The suggested workaround is to downgrade to 2.6.3, which supports the latest AVM 1.0 release.

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Thank you @tsachi. What is the best chat to monitor for these types of releases and issues? A particular channel on Discord? Twitter account?