Invalid ApplicationArgs index 0

Hello I am doing 5 transaction to call buy method from shufl smart contract but i am facing this error
text: ‘{“message”:“TransactionPool.Remember: transaction XVWLDIYDICRYIRQ3BRPFGNCT6JXG6CUUGI3IZOZS7CQDQNCOES2Q: logic eval error: invalid ApplicationArgs index 0. Details: pc=2565, opcodes=intc_1 // 0\n==\ngtxna 1 ApplicationArgs 0\n”}\n’,

It looks like you may not have called the smart contract with the right arguments.

For us to be able to help you, can you provide more context?

If you used a tutorial, can you link to it?
Can you provide a minimal example exhibiting the behaviour (that is a minimal smart contract and a minimal script calling it)?

It looks like it may be easier to have a more interactive discussion, in which case, I recommend you switch to Discord (Algorand) and then report back here once the problem is solved.