Javscript SDK : account balance zero even if the dispenser sent 1,300 Algos

Hi, I am new to algorand trying to run their tutorial example Working ASA using Javascript
[docs/AssetExample.js at master · algorand/docs · GitHub]
but after account creation funds are displayed on explorer but while printing on CLI(node/sandbox) it shows amount 0, so not able to run the program any further.
Please help me out with this issue.

There are usually two possible reasons:

  1. Your node is not on the correct network.
  2. Your node is not synced.

To check, run goal node status. Check that:

  • Sync time is 0.0s,
  • the last committed block matches the block explorer,
  • the genesis ID is testnet-v1.0

Thank you for your help. I was able to resolve the issue and it is working fine.