Kmd error : Connection refused, errno = 111, address =, port = 44824 #0

Hello, I am developing an app using Flutter in dart with this external algorithm API: GitHub - RootSoft/algorand-dart: Unofficial community SDK to interact with the Algorand network, for Dart & Flutter.

My application is not directly connected to a node and when I try to use a kmd method to derive a wallet, I get this error:

DioError [DioErrorType.other]: SocketException: OS Error: Connection refused, errno = 111, address =, port = 44824
# 0

below the code I am using:

Future<String> createNewAddress() async {

    final walletRequest = (CreateWalletRequestBuilder()
      ..walletName = 'wallet'
      ..walletPassword = 'test'
      ..walletDriverName = '')

    final handleTokenRequest = (InitWalletHandleTokenRequestBuilder()
        ..walletId = 'wallet'
        ..walletPassword = 'test')

    final keyRequest = (GenerateKeyRequestBuilder()
      ..displayMnemonic = true
      ..walletHandleToken = 'aa')

      final response = await algorand.kmd.createWallet(createWalletRequest: walletRequest);

      final handleToken = await algorand.kmd.initWalletHandleToken(initializeWalletHandleTokenRequest: handleTokenRequest);

      final address = await algorand.kmd.generateKey(generateKeyRequest: keyRequest);

      return address.toString();

when i go to call algorithand.kmd.createWallet () function i get the error mentioned above.
Could anyone tell me where I am wrong and how I can go about getting a correct result? thanks a lot!

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