Local Storage Read

Hi, I am trying to understand local and global storage of statefull smart contract.
I get it that global can be read and written by anyone. But not sure how local storage works?
If anyone has idea about it please let me know.

Both local and global storage can be read by any stateful application, and can only be written by the application that owns them.

Differences between the two are: where they are stored, the maximum limits, and the necessity for opt-in for local storage. See Your First Application - Algorand Developer Portal

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Does that mean local storage is not stored on blockchain?

Both local storage and global storage are stored on the blockchain.

“where they are stored” was meant to mean “where exactly in the node database representing the blockchain, they are stored”:

  • global storage is stored at the “application” level: it’s unique per application.
  • local storage is stored at the “account” level: it’s unique per application and per account.

Oh okay great that helps
Thank you