MainNet and TestNet Update: Go-Algorand 3.21.0

MainNet and TestNet have been updated to 3.21.0 today, Tuesday Jan 9, 2024 10:30AM EST (15:30 UTC).

This release requires a protocol upgrade.
This release contains a consensus protocol upgrade, which implements the following spec: GitHub - algorandfoundation/specs at 925a46433742afb0b51bb939354bd907fa88bf95


This release introduces dynamic round times, as well as additional AVM opcodes. This release contains a consensus upgrade, and will require upgrades of conduit/indexer as well.

What’s New

  • Dynamic round times, which as configured will have the effect of shortening average round times
  • AVM: Elliptic curve opcodes on pairing friendly curves.
  • AVM: Opcode costs of LogicSigs is pooled across a transaction group.
  • AVM: Additional opcodes box_splice and box_resize



  • AVM: Add global GenesisHash (#5858)
  • AVM: Add box_splice and box_resize opcodes (#5750)
  • Consensus: Enable dynamic round times in vfuture. (#5860)
  • Docs: participation key lifecycle. (#5847)
  • Network: fixes to public address support (#5851)
  • Round Times: Period 0 deadline timeout (#5850)
  • Round Times: Set minimum dynamic filter timeout to 2500ms. (#5853)
  • Tests: wait longer in TestTotalWeightChanges for larger nightly test network (#5841)


  • Network: Use peer address after proxy fix for app rate limiter if available (#5848)
  • Simulate: Properly handle failing clear state programs (#5842)

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