MainNet and TestNet Update: Go-Algorand 3.24.0

MainNet and TestNet have been updated to 3.24.0 today, Monday May 20, 2024. This release does not contain a consensus upgrade.


This release provides important enhancements and bug fixes to improve ease of use and stability.

Important Note

This release includes a migration, which may take a few minutes to complete. Due to the impact, we recommend applying this update progressively if running multiple nodes, to avoid large periods of concurrent inaccessibility.

What's New

  • Golang 1.21 support
  • Experimental full assets for account endpoint API support
  • Full logs for block support
  • Fix for log rotation when cold dirs are used



  • API: Experimental full assets for account endpoint. (#5948)
  • API: blocks/{round}/logs endpoint (#5865)
  • Build: Go 1.21 Support (#5994)
  • Build: support SWAGGER_CONVERTER_API override (#5968)
  • Build: bump The Go Programming Language from 0.14.0 to 0.17.0 (#5877)
  • Crypto: convert BatchVerifier to interface (#5988)
  • Docker: Remove usage of gosu and replace with su (#5951)
  • Metrics: support labeled gauges (#5956)
  • Node: remove unused node GetTransaction and ListTxns methods (#5983)
  • Scripts: update buildnumber to use timezone-aware datetime (#5971)
  • Tests: Stabilize nightly tests. (#5992)
  • Tests: Fix flakey incentive e2e tests (#5986)
  • Tests: Allow go e2e tests to easily test multiple consensus versions (#5981)
  • Tests: Thread testing.T through so we panic less (#5938)
  • Tools: Revert "feat: add support to display mnemonic discreetly for algokey generate" (#5974)


  • Catchpoint: fix data files deletion in hot/cold dirs scenario (#5963)
  • Tests: Fix AccountsUpdateSchemaTest ignoring error bug (#5985)
  • Utils: Renaming files across devices (#5977)

Protocol Upgrade

This release does not contain a protocol upgrade.

vFuture changes are not yet available in MainNet or TestNet but can be used in private networks.

  • Incentives: Suspend "absentee" accounts that don't propose. (#5757)

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