Msgpack libraries breaking changes

Hi guys I’m trying to generate a multisig tx using these two versions of algorand sdk:

1.2.0 → algosdk - npm

1.11.10 → algosdk - npm

I saw your encoding lib for msgpack changes several times between this version.

So my question is : is possible that the txIds hashes and txdata changes when i want create the same tx with both sdk?

I mean (txIdSdk1.2.0 != txIdSdk1.11.1) == true?

Thanks for the help.

The msgp encoding used by Algorand is canonical. If the two implementations gives you different outcomes, then at least one of them would not work correctly with Algorand.

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To complement @tsachi’s answer, my guess s that most likely one of the field changed.
For example, everytime you run most of the examples in the documentation, it will query algod for new parameters.
These parameters include the first valid round that changes every 5s.

This works also for the decoding? Seems to be different.

I getting error decoding data from 1.2.0 to 1.11.1

Yes normally.
If you want, please post the base64 of the transactions and the code you used them to decode and that does not work.