MyAlgo Wallet Group Transaction with Logicsig and Payment tx

I need help with this issue I am facing with MyAlgo Wallet.
I have a group transaction of 2 txs in it, one of the transactions in the group is making use of a logic sig.

From what I know when signing a logicsig with MyAlgo wallet, this is used

const lsig = algosdk.makeLogicSig(new Uint8Array(Buffer.from(compiledTeal, "base64")));
lsig.sig = await myAlgoConnect.signLogicSig(lsig.logic, sender);

and for the normal signing of transaction, this is used:

const signedTxns = await myAlgoConnect.signTransaction( => txn.toByte()));

This means I can’t use a logic sig with myAlgoConnect.signTransaction function.
How then can I sign a group transaction when one of the transactions is a logic sig?

The second part of the question, with Algosigner, I can use signers: [] for a logicsig transaction, what can I use with MyAlgo Wallet?

UPDATE: I used this

const txnsToGroup = [ tx1, tx2 ];
    const signedAsset = algosdk.signLogicSigTransaction(tx2, lsig)
    const myAlgoWallet = new MyAlgo();
    const signedTxn = await myAlgoWallet.signTransaction([

    await client.sendRawTransaction([signedTxn[0].blob, signedAsset.blob]).do();

this method worked but I want to be able to sign the transaction using myalgowallet for the logicsig also as a group transaction. Not individually

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Yes this is annoying that MyAlgoConnect does not support signing grouped transactions with different senders.
For example if Alice tries to sign a group of 2 transactions of an atomic transfer between Alice and Bob (i.e. signing only the transaction from Alice to Bob but after validating the group id with the 2 txns), we get error :

Invalid signer address, must be the same for all transactions

There is this ticket opened on the MyAlgoConnect GitHub :