NFT ASA - bundle and create

I am trying to create NFT ASA, so they can vary from 50-500 ASA creation at one time.

Is it possible to bundle these different transactions into one?

Also, for opt-in or sending a transaction, how can I bundle the transaction so that they qualify for a single block.

I think every transaction need to be signed separately and bundled together and broadcast to the network.

So need some help with bundling them and broadcasting to the network.

Any reference with respect to PureStake API or SDK will be helpful.

Lastly, it there any API to create test faucets?

Why do you want to bundle all those transactions together?

You can bundle up to 16 transactions in a group, in such a way that either all transactions are committed in the same time or none are. See for a step-by-step guide.

For creating event tickets. Suppose for a big concert, where there can be trackability, and easy reselling.

As every ticket is NFT, while creating an event, if someone creates an event with 100 tickets. So these tickets are created at the time of event creation and hence the need to create these multiple nft at that time.

That sounds like a great application!

I think for such an application, you don’t need to bundle: you can just send the 50-500 creation transactions at once. They will most likely span one or two blocks but anyway the block number of an ASA is not an easily accessible information. What is easily accessible is the creator account, which would be the same for all the ASA.