Node catchup doesn't seem work on the TestNet

Hey guys! I’m playing with wallets and accounts in the TestNet.
For a quicker jump-in I tried to use catchup:

goal node catchup 20490000#A23RBJDXBBMGL3B5W5OQ2SBXYLDRDRGZRPQH73EBJ3HW6BBQMUXQ -d ~/node/testnetdata

At first, goal node status output was something like:

Last committed block: 5668578
Sync Time: 20.4s
Catchpoint total accounts: 1373847
Catchpoint accounts processed: 24576
Catchpoint accounts verified: 0
Genesis ID: testnet-v1.0
Genesis hash: SGO1GKSzyE7IEPItTxCByw9x8FmnrCDexi9/cOUJOiI=

which is expected. However, after a few minutes, the node started a regular sync, like I didn’t run catchup before that:

Last committed block: 5691597
Time since last block: 0.0s
Sync Time: 129.9s
Last consensus protocol:
Next consensus protocol:
Round for next consensus protocol: 5691598
Next consensus protocol supported: true
Last Catchpoint: 
Genesis ID: testnet-v1.0
Genesis hash: SGO1GKSzyE7IEPItTxCByw9x8FmnrCDexi9/cOUJOiI=

CPU usage went high too. Is this a bug, or I’m doing something wrong?

Welcome to Algorand!

Yes, there is an issue somewhere.

Common issues are:

  • your Algorand software is not up to date and hence the node does not support your catchup point. You need version 3.4.1 (goal version -v)
  • you used a catchpoint for the wrong network (mainnet instead of testnet)
  • your disk is too slow (fast SSD are required) - however, I don’t believe this is the case there because you managed to catchup

Thanks! Updating the node did the trick.