Node not syncing after months of inactivity


due to covid I was away from my node on mac and after update it still does not sync

Last committed block: 5521347

Time since last block: 0.0s

Sync Time: 0.0s

Last consensus protocol: GitHub - algorandfoundation/specs at 4a9db6a25595c6fd097cf9cc137cc83027787eaa

Next consensus protocol: GitHub - algorandfoundation/specs at 4a9db6a25595c6fd097cf9cc137cc83027787eaa

Round for next consensus protocol: 5521348

Next consensus protocol supported: true

Last Catchpoint:

Genesis ID: mainnet-v1.0

Genesis hash: wGHE2Pwdvd7S12BL5FaOP20EGYesN73ktiC1qzkkit8=

any idea for help?

thx, r


Could you try to restart your computer to make sure that the executing algod binary is truly the latest and greatest ? If that doesn’t help, and you’ve verified using algod -v that you’re running 2.3.0+, could you please post the config.json file you’re using ?

Last, whenever the catchup service is not making a progress, it would log detailed information to the node.log file. Could you look in there to see if there is any apparent reason ? ( i.e. maybe an error / warning log message ? )

2.3.0.stable [rel/stable] (commit #07bc97b7)

there is no config.json file only config.json.example

could it be because my participation key was set in the range which is not applicable now?

  1. Your participation key should not affect the node catching up in any way.
  2. The config.json.example is just a “template” for the config.json, containing the default values.

Is there any hint for the issue in the node.log file ?
What type of internet connection do you have? In particular, do you have any firewall / dns restrictions / etc ?

I am using VPN

it seems the telemetry does not work, though it is enabled

The telemetry, regardless if it’s working or not, would not affect the catchup.

Do you have the ability to connect your MacBook to a different network, just so that we could remove the network as a potential cause ? If not, the only thing I think could help is if you would share your node.log file…

OK, I have disabled VPN … started to sync and turned VPN back … and now works

sorry for bothering … I should have tried before

No worries. I suspect the issue before was caused by DNSSEC being blocked; There is already a fix for that in master ( ), which is scheduled for next release.

happy to hear that the issue was resolved.