🍊 Proof of Transaction, fees and (SoV)

We will use $ORA as an example but any PoT token with enough liquidity can conceptually work.

  1. Fees on Algorand are going higher to incentivize consensus.

  2. That could cripple the velocity of money within the network.

  3. Not so fast

  4. An Algorand wallet can run a juicer contract and give the option to its users:

-pay fees and getting $ORA back

-pay Zero fees (then the wallet receives the $ORA rewards which can be held as SoV or sold into the market)

  1. So fees could be effectively Zero from a UX perspective at any point regardless of the fee mechanisms and markets.

  2. Risk goes to selecting the appropriate PoT.

P.S. commending the oranges memes PoT turning into a DaO, hopefully the contract goes under the DaOs control too.

Maybe this is completely off. Food for thought. Here to listen.

Is this for next proposal or just interested in opinions?

Hi Rich this topic is to share opinions and discussions on the possibilities PoT contracts could un-lock for the Algorand network


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what kind of example proposals would this dao need to vote on? what can the dao control specfically.

Hello leaf, mainly control over setting the base fee for juicing txns and thus setting the tps of algorand.

Here’s the gh repo of the contract:

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he said there was no dao roadmap as it was open sourced so Community can contribute and help form it