PyTeal - Logicsig

I was playing around with Pyteal and I thought about this…

program = And(
        Txn.type_enum() == TxnType.Payment,
        Txn.fee() <= Int(1000),
        Txn.amount() >= Int(1000),
        Txn.sender() == Addr(),
        Global.group_size() == Int(1),
        Txn.rekey_to() == Global.zero_address()

I want to declare the ‘’‘Txn.sender()’’’ to be the contract address. How do I specify that condition?

Txn.sender() is implicitly the contract address since it cant be anything else.


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But I can specify the sender to another address like so:
Txn.sender() == “address” and only that address passed will be the sender else the contract fails, So do you mean if I don’t specify, the Txn.sender() will be the contract address.
Am I right?

In TEAL the Txn is the transaction currently being evaluated. The sender will always* be the contract address

*except in the case of a rekey

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I understand now, Thank you Ben!