Python KMDClient.list_wallets() responds with "wallets"

Hi everyone,
title says it all. Algod is running, kmd is running but when i try to use the method i get an error that just says “wallets”.

I am using raspbian install with a separate folder for TestNet.
Command i run is:
./goal node start -d ./testnetdata
./goal kmd start -d ./testnetdata

Hi @Post_Singularity,

Which SDK are you using?
Can you post a minimal example showing the issue?

Hi @fabrice,

I’m using python sdk

Minimal example is:

from algosdk.kmd import KMDClient
kmd_client = KMDClient(“token”, “address”)

Error is:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/JetBrains/PyCharm2020.2/scratches/”, line 4, in
File “\venv\Algorand-Wallet-Manager\lib\site-packages\algosdk\”, line 90, in list_wallets
return self.kmd_request(“GET”, req)[“wallets”]
KeyError: ‘wallets’

I just edited some folder paths but this is it.

I think your issue is related to:

A workaround is to manually create a wallet:

goal wallet new mywallet