Python NoteField Example?

I noticed a lack of documentation for working with transaction’s notefields in Python AlgoSDK. Would anyone be kind enough as to help me understand how I can utilize such in Python?

I was reading into a GitHub example that was written in Go that did something along the lines of this:
// BuildInitializeNote takes in the desired supply and produces a blob for your note field
func BuildInitializeNote(supply uint64) (initializeBlob BytesBase64) {
initializeBlob = BytesBase64(msgpack.Encode(NoteField{
Type: NoteInitialize,
Initialize: Initialize{
Supply: supply,

But I’m not sure what object to encode with Msgpack.

Hi Dave! We’re continually writing more samples / templates for devs to get up and running quickly. We have an example of working with the txn notefield in our Python SDK github

Thank you very much, wisthsb1519!