Question about Vanity Addresses and max Apps/Assets

Hi everyone - I have a question about using a vanity address and creating a brand around that single address. For example, I am a generative art maker who will eventually create over the max number of assets allowed. Each asset representing a unique piece of art.

Is it possible to have the Vanity Address be configured as the Creator of an asset in more than the max allowed via Rekey or Multisig?

If the above isn’t possible, what ways/options do I have in showing that my Vanity Address was part of the creation of an asset? How would a common user complete find more assets created by that Vanity address? Searches like “Find more from this user” type things.

Thanks for the help!
Phil has support for vanity address creation

or you can use some python scripts to generate the mnemonic

python is something like 10-100 times faster than javascript in account creation / regex, so depends if you want to have 3 letters at start of the address, or 5

Currently a given address can only create 1000 assets.
Rekey/multisig may help you for key management but not for removing this limit.
This limit may be lifted soon though.

Thanks for the response and confirmation of the functionality. The limit being removed would be nice but other options that help drive a Brand around a single account would also be fine.