Reach Trust Fund Workshop Weirdness

I completed the Reach “Trust Fund” workshop last year, as part of the path towards learning how to set up a periodic payment system. And then I diverted from that path into the new “RSVP” Reach API tutorial.

I’ve revisited the Trust Fund workshop, in order to get back on track. In that workshop, there are three test passes: in the first, the “receiver” accepts the funds. In the second pass, the receiver is supposed to time out, and the “funder” is supposed to claim a refund. In the third pass, both the funder and the receiver time out, and a “bystander” claims the funds.

I find that, regardless of whether I run my own solution or the “canned” solution provided in the workshop, the second pass, the one that’s supposed to refund the balance to the funder, instead gives the funds to the bystander. Not just for me, but for others who have tried it with the current version of Reach. (I will note that in a previous version of Reach, the one I had to install in order to do RSVP, all three passes went to “bystander.”)

And I find that no matter whether I shorten the funder delay, lengthen the funder delay, or add a bystander delay, I cannot force the funds to go back to the funder.

More detail can be found in the “Trust Fund Workshop weirdness” thread, in the Discord Reach “help-forum.”

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