Reporting bugs for node?



Yesterday, I installed node v. 131083 on a CentOS 7 server. It ran for a while, but then after some hours it stopped. Last line in node.log:
{“file”:“node.go”,“function”:“*AlgorandFullNode).OnNewBlock”,“level”:“warning”,“line”:679,“msg”:“Cannot look up block 134259 for deleting ephemeral keys: ledger does not have entry”,“name”:"",“time”:“2019-04-17T02:23:21.635663+02:00”}

(The node.log has 10376 other lines of “Cannot look up block …”, not just at the time of the algod stopping.)

I though I’d report this as a bug, but which part of the “algorand” Github project does it pertain to?

Troels Arvin


Thoughts here @liz @Tyler @JasonW @David?

Are we filing issues on go-algorand-doc until the rest is open-sourced?


If it’s not too late, can you see if you have an algod-err.log file in your data directory? The log entries you show are expected when you’re catching up (and have been silenced in the next build, because they are expected).


For now, github issues in go-algorand-doc is a good place for reporting issues.

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Thank you, David. I’ll add to TestNet Resources Topic.