Return specific value

Hi all,
When I am trying the make application call contract function returns a value.How do I get that value in a transaction.

This is my code

on_result = Seq(
                Global.latest_timestamp() >= App.globalGet(proposal_start_time),
                Global.latest_timestamp() < App.globalGet(proposal_end_time)
        If(App.globalGet(yes_count) == App.globalGet(min_num_approval)).Then (
        If(App.globalGet(yes_count) == App.globalGet(total_count)).Then(
            .ElseIf(App.globalGet(min_per_approval) >= Btoi(Txn.application_args[2])).Then(
        Return (Btoi(vote_result)),  

     program = Cond(
        [Txn.application_args[0] == Bytes("result"),on_result],       
    ) Need to “vote_result” returned by the on_result call in contract.

def proposal_result(
    client: AlgodClient,
    appID: int,
    proposal_creator: Account,
) -> int:
    suggestedParams = client.suggested_params()

    appGlobalState = getAppGlobalState(client, appID)
    appAddr = get_application_address(appID)

    quotient = yes_count/total_count
    percentage = quotient * 100   

    votePercent = int(percentage) 
    print ("Converted: ", type(votePercent)) 

    txn = transaction.ApplicationCallTxn(
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Applications can only return 0 to reject the transaction or a non-zero value to accept the transaction via return/Return.
This value is not recorded and just meant to indicate whether the transaction gets recorded or not.
See PyTeal Package — PyTeal documentation

If you want to actually return a value that can be used/read by other applications/the SDK, you need to use the ABI convention:
see step 5 of ARC-4: Algorand Application Binary Interface (ABI)

in other words, you need to log the value prefixed by the four bytes 151f7c75 (these should be the 4 bytes corresponding to the indicated hexadecimal and NOT the 8 bytes “151f7c75”)

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Thanks @fabrice this worked!