Safety concerns with foreign apps transaction parameter

The foreign apps can be set to any value by the user which issues the transaction. This creates a security problem because when I want to use a state of another contract in my contract then there’s a risk that the user will mimick my contract and replace the state with whatever values he wishes to have. Is there any way to mitigate such risk?

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For that reason, an app can only read foreign app’s storage but not write.
This way, there is no such risk.

I wasn’t specific enough with the question. I’m talking about a situation where my contracts read some other important value from other contract and the problem is that the identifier of the contract can be replaced.

That’s a very good point.
TEAL v3 is fixing this issue by adding the array “Applications” of Foreign Apps to txna:

It’s available on BetaNet right now

See specs: specs/ at ac2255d586c4474d4ebcf3809acccb59b7ef34ff · algorandfoundation/specs · GitHub