Selling Algo at *ANY PRICE* is a bad idea for most people


For most people (who have less than 5% of their wealth in Algo) selling Algo at any price is likely a bad idea. Here I’m not talking about trading which is a different topic but I explicitly mean converting Algo to fiat, for example at higher prices. If you need fiat, you can (always) borrow against Algo as collateral.

Among all digital assets, L1 tokens have a very special and unique property (bitcoin doesn’t have it!) and that’s the ability to use them as digital collateral on their own network with no itermediary. Among all L1 networks, Algorand is the only one with the instant finality (very important property) and probably the first one that will become quantum resilient (again something that BTC and most L1s unlikely to have, which is an huge ignored risk for them). Another important Algorand quality (rather unique among L1s) is that its consensus mechanism is fast, cheap and reliable in its nature, which is different from artificially setting very low transaction fees by subsidizing them temporarily. Given all these properties, Algo has a good chance to become the most valuable L1 token as the rate of new Algos added to the circulation decreases and the Algo community size and its adoption increases.

Now, if you have Algo and need fiat, in most cases, borrowing against your Algo as collateral (which is instant and does not require credit check or financial documents), should be sufficient. Given that the Algo value against fiat goes up over time (based on reasonable assumptions and simple math) your collateral value and therefore the amount you can borrow against it increases. Think about it, at some point in the future you might be able to pay your new home deposit by borrowing against your Algo holding and still have your Algos.

A good strategy is to use Algo as a store of value and add to your core holding over time. However, note that if you decide to borrow against your Algo, try to be as conservative as you can in terms of the borrow ratio (say 10%) given that crypto markets are quite volatile. Another point to consider is to only borrow common and widely used fiat coins, so their average interest rates remain low because of their availability. As a bonus point, if you think USDT will depeg at some point (similar to what happened to USDC last year), you may want to borrow USDT and if any depeg happens you only need to return a fraction of what you owed!

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