Send NFTs to some accounts

I have two questions, you can help with both or one you know.

  1. I have the code that create NFTs for multiple users, to sign txns, I am only able to sign one by one and this is not right if we have lot of users, So I want to sign those transaction at once. please help me on doing so.
  2. I also want to send those NFTs to accounts, please help here too.

Have you seen Create | Algorand Foundation, Mint Algorand NFTs and GitHub - barnjamin/ for example ?

It depends how you manage the keys used to sign the transactions.

Are the users using their own wallet (e.g., Pera Wallet)?
In that case, there is little you can do: each user needs to sign.
However, if you have a user with many NFTs, you may be able to batch the signature requests.

Or are you handling the keys for the users?
In that case, how are you doing the signing?

To send NFTs, you first need the users to opt-in to the ASA.
If they don’t opt in, you cannot send them the ASA.

Then, sending the ASA is just an asset transfer.