Sending USDC ALGO to an USDT ALGO address

Please who can advise me on what to do! I mistakenly Send Usdc ALGO to an USDT ALGO address, after checking the explorer i realize that the funds was send to ALGO Contracts


Could you share some transaction IDs to help me understand what you mean? What you’re saying doesn’t quite make sense to me. If an account isn’t opted in to USDC then trying to send USDC to that account would result in the transaction failing and the USDC remaining in the original account. Additionally assets do not have contracts.

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Above is the transaction ID, it’s actually from USDC to USDT all on ALGO, let me attach some pictures for you

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Right, OK, so you’re talking about depositing assets into Binance. It looks as though the address is the same for both USDC and USDT. However if you’ve not been credit for it you will need to contact Binance support. The transaction is final and now Binance owns the account which holds it.

It’s Actually Kucoin Exchange, but as you said I have already contacted the customer support on Kucoin waiting for their feedback.