Stakeholder Capitalism w/Blockchain (Company, Employees, Customers, Board)


Contributors (33.33%)- Customers who pay to use platform and contribute products/data to platform (matched to platform ID)
Calculated As: 33.33% divi. by Total Contributors = Voting Power; 1 LSTR = 1 Vote

Builders (33.33%)- People employed by and maintaining Corporation platform (matched to employee ID)
Calculated As: 33.33% divi. by Total Contributors = Voting Power; 1 Contributor = 1 Vote

Shareholders (33.33%)- People/entities who own equity in Corporation
Calculated As: 33.33% divi. by (Total Shares divi. by Shares Owned) = Voting Power (matched to ?)

Ultimately, companies evolve over time and face a fork:

  • Remain private
  • Public via IPO
  • Acquired by larger corporation

Options A and B will necessitate a Board of Directors. The split including a Board of Directors should be reflected as below:

(Diagram B- 30/30/30/10%)

Board Members The more I think about different people whose advice I find valuable it feels obvious that it’s not necessary for Board Members to be involved in the industry at hand but rather have frameworks in their own life/business that can bring value to the Corporation.

I would go so far as to say it is unnecessary- outside of Board Members involved in day-to-day operation of the Corporation- necessary to have any knowledge specific to the industry of the Corporation.

I am continuing to think about how these 3 or 4 groups interact amongst themselves or with one another and how DAOs/blockchain voting cab bring issues, platform changes, and economics to the table as equitably as possible under the same base Algorand operates on…an honest majority of the whole.

Will post more here as things evolve but would love to hear feedback from the forum on the thoughts above or how you’re looking at using blockchain to find equilibrium between stakeholders.

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Board of Directors ethos should be more like a Board of Trustees