TEAL Template Contract Compilation Error

Dear All,

I am trying to deploy sample TEAL contracts provided in the following GitHub repository.
I am able to compile the TEAL example - HTLC from this repository.
However I am getting compilation error while I am trying to compile the following ASA contracts.


Following error is returned by the goal clerk utility -
strconv.ParseUint: parsing “TMPL_FEE”: invalid syntax

Can anybody share some pointers on this error.

Hi @gokulalex

Glad to learn of your success with the HTLC TEAL contract. Notice the file extension .teal is the actual contract code to be compiled. Whereas, the .tmpl file is a template which includes the required Parameters you will need to replace with your specific values.

The error you received relates to the TMPL_FEE which may be set to 10000. Please set values for all TMPL_ Parameters defined in the header of the .tmpl file, save the file as split.teal and compile again.

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Thank you @ryanRfox it worked. I am setting values for all the variables in the TEAL contract file. I had already named all of them properly with the correct extension. I have just started learning TEAL. Looking forward to your guidance in this journey. Good Day !!