TestNet and MainNet Update: 2.10.1

MainNet and TestNet have been updated to 2.10.1 today, Wed Sept 1, 2021 10:30 AM EDT (14:30 UTC)

If you have your node set to automatic updates, you don’t need to do anything. It will automatically update to the newer version whenever that becomes available.


This is a maintenance release focused around many test improvements and other optimizations.


    • Bug Fix
      • Use the strict json encoder to correctly encode maps with numeric fields in REST API v2 endpoints. (#2611)
      • Fix installation of oapi-codegen. (#2668)
  2. TEAL
    • Tests
      • Extend global and txn field tests for all TEAL versions and protocols. (#2669)
      • Create a quine to test app_params_get AppApprovalProgram (#2682)
  3. Ledger
    • Enhancements
      • Replace Balances.PutWithCreatable() to new functions that notify the COW that a creatable was created or deleted. (#2638)
      • Add a public Eval() function for indexer. (#2662)
      • Added support for batch verification of signatures. (#2578)
      • Record modified local creatable states in state delta. (#2680)
      • Add individual program length checks into updateApplication (#2699)
      • Return an error in EncodeSignedTxn() and DecodeSignedTxn() if consensus protocol is unknown. (#2708)
      • Add additional functions to improve type tracking of AVM stack manipulation opcodes. (#2710)
  4. Node
    • Bug Fixes
      • Disable networking on devmode (#2601)
  5. Metrics
    • Bug Fix
      • Remove Gauge timeout (#2508)
  6. Goal
    • Bug Fix
      • Use the appIdx instead of txn app id when calling goal app create. (#2720)
  7. Other
    • New Features
      • Add builds, build tests, and integration tests in CircleCI. (#2444)
    • Enhancements
      • Update our feature_request.md template for new Issues (#2568)
      • Enable ineffassign linter (#2574)
      • Remove old msgp 1.1.47 code from go.mod/go.sum (#2615)
      • Implement partitiontest_linter (#2635)
      • Update systemd-steup.sh to install system.json (#2651)
      • Generate Slack notifications for rel/nightly failures (#2643)
      • Added golangci-lint action. (#2647)
      • Fix a go lint issue. (#2688)
      • Renamed no_gimme env var to skip_go_installation (#2696)
      • Consolidate testing options SKIP_E2E_SUBS and E2E_SUBS_ONLY. (#2705)
      • Update the Circle CI branch filters to run “nightly”/longer tests over “rel/” and “hotfix/” branches. (#2729)
    • Tools
      • Replace KMD usage in the pingpong utility with direct signing. (#2653)

Protocol Upgrade

This release does not contain a protocol upgrade.

Additional Resources

To update your current version, run the following goal command:

./update.sh -c stable -i -d <data-directory> -n

If you haven’t already done so, we also advise setting up a CRON job to automatically update your algorand networks. If you haven’t done this yet,
you can follow the instructions here: