Tinyman | GP12 DeFi Rewards

Hello Algofam!

First of all, thank you to all the community for endorsing Tinyman in the GP11 Governance Proposal. We are pleased to share the key insights from the previous allocation and the potential distribution strategy for the coming quarter.

The Objective for GP11:
"Currently, approximately 10,000 active LP positions are in the 50 largest pools selected for Targeted DeFi rewards farms, marking a 20% growth in the past quarter.

We want to continue improving this metric, increasing it by 10% next quarter. Attracting more LPs not only increases the depth of the pool but also decentralizes liquidity ownership in the pools. This prevents all liquidity from being controlled by a few individuals and ensures sustainability."

Key Insights from Q1:

  • Tinyman has reported ~90M ALGO for GP12 TDR calculations, reflecting a 12% growth compared to the previous period. This number will help Tinyman to get the rewards from the max cap from the TDR pool.

  • Recently, there are ~11,500 active LP users in the 50 largest pools selected for TDR Farms, marking a 15% growth in the past quarter. We targeted 10% growth and are happy to have achieved our objective. We can also highlight that this metric has increased regularly for the last four quarters.

  • Approximately $80M Swap Volume has been generated in the last 90 days on Tinyman pools, compared to $60M in the previous period. ALGO/USDC pool generated 50% of the total volume alone, leading to this significant growth.

Below you can find the potential distribution plan for the next governance period. We believe that this plan will help to continue our growth.

Here’s an overview of our approach:

  • Weights have been assigned to each pool based on the following metrics: (this is the same approach as the previous period)
    • Total Value Locked (TVL) - 40% (May 9th)
    • Volume - 50% (over 90 days)
    • LPs Count - 10% (May 9th)
  • Pools Allocations:
    • 85% — 39 ALGO/ASA Pools (with the only exception, USDC/USDT pool)
    • 5% — 10 Wrapped Asset Pools
    • 7% — Lending Pools
    • 3% — Joint initiative with Folks Finance
      For a comprehensive overview, please refer to the detailed spreadsheet provided here: Tinyman | GP12 TDR Allocations - Google Sheets

Note: We do not allocate a new specific amount for the $TINY token as we have yet to launch it. We will keep the amount we allocated in the previous period and spend it on $TINY pool farms. A hint on the $TINY token timeline: Agreements with Crypto Exchanges are almost complete and all the details will be revealed soon.

Kindly note that the figures presented in the spreadsheet are subject to finalization after TDR allocations and community feedback incorporation.

We’d be happy to hear the community’s feedback!


Hi sorry, but you are breaking the rules. Every period the rule is 100% of algos allocated must be distributed that period. You are blatently ignoring the rules everyone else plays by. I reccomend allocating those 80kA for this period immediately, and then adjust gp12 accordingly.

Thanks for the feedback!

However, the previous planning was done for Q2 and we still think that we will spend this amount on TINY tokens during this period. The amount still allocated within the plan will be put into farms in Q2. Even if the Token Launch is delayed, we can initiate some extra farms before the end of Q2 and start distributing these rewards to the community pools.

We mentioned in the proposal above that we would not make any extra allocation for TINY Token for Q3. I hope that is clear right now.

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Tinyman team. You guys doing a great job as usual.

All seems good!

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