Tool to visualize graph of transactions

Hello AlgoFam,
For information, I made a tool to display aggregated transactions between a “central” account and other accounts.
A node is an account and an edge aggregates all transactions between 2 accounts.
User accounts are in blue and app accounts in orange.
Inbound transactions are in green and outbound ones in red.
You just need to input the central address and the network (testnet or mainnet) and optionally the min and max rounds.
You can double click on an account to open it on AlgoExplorer.

Hope some of you will like it :slight_smile:

EDIT : I will add info about accounts (like NFDomains or CEX/DEX/DEFI project name for example) and I will add more inputs to filter transactions.


This is great. Thank you for this. Very appreciate.
By the way, would it be possible to use a comma (i.e. “,”) to seperate every 3 digits in the transaction number? Many thanks.

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I added some new features to the graph :

  • input the central account with NFD (xxxx.algo)
  • addresses replaced by their corresponding NFD in graph (when available)
  • click on app node goes to algoexplorer app id page and no more app account page
  • filter arcs on min and max total amount
  • numbers displayed with comma and point (US format) @nlh