Transaction confirmation process

Hello all,

Thank you for providing answers. I am trying to model the transaction life cycle in Algorand and need to make sure about one point. I have a question regarding the block interval, which is currently 2.9 seconds on average.

If we divide the transaction life cycle into the following steps: transaction creation, propagating by gossip protocol, pending in transaction pools of the nodes, block proposal, BA* agreement, and finally block finalization, does the entirety of these steps in the transaction life cycle take 2.9 seconds on average, or does it take 2.9 seconds only for the BA* agreement?

I’d be really happy to hear your points of view! Thanks!

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@nullun could likely best explain this. As part of your PhD research & study have you also considered looking into the Algorand source code and/or creating your own private network to figure this out yourself?


If you haven’t yet, check out: specs/overview/Algorand_v1_spec-2.pdf at master · algorandfoundation/specs · GitHub
This should help to clear things up.

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