Trying to create an NFT marketplace for 1/1000 (buying/selling)

I am new to programming. I have basic python knowledge but Im trying to dive right into smart contract development on algorand. I believe I can pick it up quick if I can have someone send me the right information

I want to start practicing developing a smart contract that allows for users to mint audio/video 1/1000 nfts, not single bid or auction but buying and selling.

Are there any contracts already public that I can edit and learn from? A direct guide that walks me through this? I’ve read the algorand developer section many times but the information is broad.

NFTs on Algorand actually do not require any smart contracts.

To get started, I strongly recommend the developer website:

If you are more hands-on, you can also look at GitHub - algorandfoundation/buildweb3: Repository for the Algorand class of the "Building with Blockchain for Web 3.0" course (