Urgent: config.json arrangement to stop mainnet archival mode, continue to sync mainnet data & start the indexer


The data load for the mainnet-v1.0 is finished in archival mode and now is in parallel with the last block stated in https://algoexplorer.io/.
Now I want to start the indexer. But, currently the config.json file includes this information only:
“Archival”: true

Which parameters and values should be in config.json file, so that
-Archival mode can stop
-The mainnet data can continue to sync from the last block that has been retrieved
-Also the indexer can be started

Is the version of the indexer important to define the parameters and values in config.json file?
My indexer version is 2.10.

In this regard, is it possible that you can share here the correct config.json file here to serve for this purpose?
Hope to hear from you soon.

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See Help with running indexer - #15 by fabrice

If you really want to stop the Archival mode, you absolutely first need to wait until the indexer is in sync. When in sync, you may remove your archival node and create a new non-archival node via fast-catchup. But I strongly recommend against as this is not officially supported and we won’t be able to help if any issue arise.