urllib.error.URLError: <urlopen error [Errno 61] Connection refused>

I’m trying to run auction-demo in developer portal.
but faced this issue to run example.py and pytest.py.
I’m using python 3.10.0
Some has any idea?

Thank you.

Can you provide the exact link and the exact code you run?
Please write the code between triple backquotes ```

Also please check that you set up the algod address/token to a valid algod instance.
See 1. Workspace Setup - Algorand Developer Portal

I’m going with demo project.

Opened issue here also

I replied on the issue.

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see sandbox.log for detailed progress, or use -v.

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I have the same issue

@DarwinIndex Have you tried the steps in Connection refused when running example.py, tests · Issue #5 · algorand/auction-demo · GitHub ?

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