Why should everyday people use Algorand?

Everyday people should know about the algorand because it can give them financial freedom, give them business opportunities, or they can find other blockchain related use cases.

Any feedback for the video?


I have got new video on how to stake vote coin with algorand governace… any feedback? Algorand Vote Coin staking with algorand governance rewards explained - YouTube

Do you want Algorand meetup in Prague?

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New video on walkthrough how to commit LP tokens and Algos to the algorand governance.

Any ideas for improvement?

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Any tips for improvement? I have created submission for the Greenhouse hack 3

Might solve the ARC34 issue @Adri

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Multisig algorand feature video @ Niftgen

Great points Ludo! I would be asking the same kinds of questions at these meetups! I’m hoping I can make it to a few in this same area in the near future!

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Paying USD invoice from USDC on Algorand to Bitcoin address

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@JohnWoods … Can i get your feedback on this video?

xGovs, please vote for OpenAMM project… In the video you can see how AMM with concentrated liqudity works, why setting the liqudity into price range for example 1 to 1.5 increases the capital efficiency of LP money 10 times, and how to vote in the xGov using wallet connect 2 and AWallet

How to run PUBLIC algorand node in the cloud: