xGov-119: Zorkin - Social Login for Self-Custodial Account Authentication with ZK-SNARKs

Ill be honest the private transaction feature will be incredible later on mixed in with xgov-108 if this goes ahead since this has offline signing aswell. Fully airgapped. What a great combo … this ill be honest a private transaction feature will bring an entirely new perspective on this coin and ppl will stop calling it a government coin or cbdc and it will bring entire new users onboard. Privacy is a hot topic in this era of suppression and cancellation culture

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VERSEWARE PTY LTD is now a registered Australian Proprietary Limited company, which legally represents Zorkin in trade and commerce. The entity will also represent most (if not all) business activities I conduct in this space.

In the proposal, “Helium Labs” is a placeholder for VERSEWARE PTY LTD.

I may rename the company sometime in the future, but it’s honestly fine. The name sounds good, and I’ve thought about existing trademarks and don’t see any cause for concern.

I agree privacy is important. While I’m open to considering privacy-enhancing features in the future, I cannot make any promises as previously mentioned. The current focus is on the core experience per the proposal.

Private transactions often face legal restrictions due to their potential for facilitating crimes (e.g. Tornado Cash). Privacy features we implement, if any, will be legal and ethical.

Having thought about it, chances are I won’t add private transactions of any kind, however other types of privacy-enhancing features will be considered for inclusion.


  1. My understanding is certain types of private transaction, such as using a single record-keeping custodian or engaging in non-monetary exchanges, may be legally permissible. Further due diligence is essential.
  2. This post is not intended as legal or investment advice. Please conduct your own research.

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just an FYI ZEC is sold in every exchange without any issue maybe the exchange has certain rules you must abide by and i agree if the exchange says mst be unsheilded then thats what you must do but between 2 private parties why cant you make a shielded TX ., by the way most exchanges i have seen in Aus sell monero if the exchange doesnt allow shielded it will stipulate , and its only an option if the wallet provider decided to implement it. Some countries require this privacy from their tyranical goverments, oThat is why the standard transaction is non zk-snarks you have to decide wether you want to make this transaction or not , z-cash has been approved by some government entity which is basically the same it has shielded and non shielded unlike monero where it is the standard and you must transact privately

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