xGov-98 - Launch of Nimblr: Audits, Licensing, Go Live

id: 98
period: 3
title: Launch of Nimblr - Audits, Licensing, & GO LIVE!
author: Adam Hofmann (@ahrevival)
company_name: Nimblr
category: dApps
focus_area: Defi
open_source: Yes
amount_requested: 358271
status: Final


Development is complete and Nimblr is ready to launch it’s pioneering decentralized insurance platform on Algorand. Nimblr is seeking support form the xgov program to enhance the integratity and functionality of our system. Leveraging Algorand’s speed, security, and efficiency, Nimblr’s aim is to change the insurance industry by seamlessly integrating insurance professionals, carriers, capital providers, and insureds. The grant proposal focuses on three critical areas: smart contract audits, licensing fees and go live costs. The final pieces needed for Nimblr to go live!


Adam Hofmann: 23 year of insurance industry experience working including carrier operations, retail brokerage, ownership of an insurance agency, and risk advisory
services for mid-large market accounts.
Steepe: Experienced distributed technology developer and engineer with an extensive background in cyber security, programming, and engineering team leadership
Ashwini: Business development and partnership expert, founder of 22x, scaled prior businesses to vast multiples

Extensive Advisors from Michael Cotton and AJ Milne of Optio to Dr. Tom Ludesher a regulatory or compliance specialist.

We are also supported by Kraken Ventures, the lead investors in our Pre-Seed round. The team has been pivotal in the tokenomics discussions, exchange alignment, and blockchain direction of Nimblr. This provides another relevant introduction and connection to outside-Algorand firms and partnerships.

Experience with Algorand

Nimblr was built from the ground up for Algorand. Our team has already built the smart contracts, backend, and frontend system necessary to launch on Algorand.
We have also developed strong partnerships within the Algorand community and continue to build partnership to bring more users to Algorand.

Present Proposal

The Nimblr team have done the hard work to build a first class product on the Algorand blockchain and are ready to go live. The objective of this proposal is to cover the costs to ensure the utmost security and compliance of the platform. The proposal is intented to target three areas:

  1. SC Audits: the smart contract audits are pivotal in identifying and mitigating potential vulnerabilities, thus safeguarding the interests of all stakeholders. We have identified partner auditors in Entersoft and Kudelski. We have already entered an agreement for ongoing proposals with Entersoft and will continue to explore options with Kudelski.

  2. Regulatory Compliance: as an insurance protocol we have believed in the importance of compliance and regulation for our platform since day one. Ensuring that Nimblr adheres to the hightest standards allows us to bring new users, insurance providers, and capital to the Algorand ecosystem.

  3. Go Live Costs: a minority of the funds received will be used to facilitiate a smooth and efficient introduction of Nimblr to the market, as outlined in the section below. This enables us to reach a wide audience and deliver our on-chain and RWA insurance partners to Algorand.

By securing this grant, Nimblr will be well-positioned to deliver a transparent, efficient, and user-centric insurance platform. Our partners include insurance carriers, digital banks, music equipment management companies, defi projects, capital providers, and more.

Future Blueprint

This grant represents the beginning of a greater model to change the current insurance system. Our roadmap is designed to capture a large part of the insurance market through innovation, inclusivity, and integration.

Launch Seasons: Our immediate focus is the successful launch of Phase 1 of Nimblr. At the end of December Nimblr will launch to MainNet with limited features. We are launching to deliver our product to the community and show our commitment to our timeline.
These launch seasons will continue into the launch of our key modules including: SafetyNet Risk Pools, RiskBrain AI Dynamic Rating and Claims, AmpEquity Risk Pool for music equipment through digital representations of equipment, Nimblr Common Reserve, and more.
Community Building: Post-launch our goal is to build a robust community of insurance professionals. This will bring additional users into Algorand via certification and credentialing.
Capital Partnerships: We have created an initial network of insurance, lending, and HNW partners to provide liquidity to the Nimblr Risk Pools.

Our Future Blueprint further expands to:

Mid Term Goals:

  1. Expansion of Insurance Product Offerings
  2. Strategic Partnerships and Integrations
  3. Continued Technological Advancements

Longer Term Goals:

  1. Global Market Expansion
  2. Innovative Insurance-as-a-Service Offerings
  3. Sustainable Growth and Impact

Benefits for the community

Nimblr has a clear plan of action. A commitment to redifining the insurance landscape that includes capital providers, insurance professionals, real-world asset partnerships and insureds.
This combination means new users, new wallets, and new liquidity on Algorand.

Throughout a tremendously challenging market, we believe that the technology behind Algorand is still the best place to build a robust insurance platform.

Additional information

https://nimblr.insure has more details on what we are building, how, and other documentation

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