xGov prop. 160 - VoteCoin - GitHub tools

id: 160
period: 3
title: VoteCoin - GitHub tools
author: Everyday Algonaut, Ludo Scholtz (@scholtz)
discussions-to: xGov 160: Onchain voting for github projects by scholtz · Pull Request #160 · algorandfoundation/xGov · GitHub
company_name: Scholtz & Company, jsa
category: Community
focus_area: Deployment
open_source: Yes
amount_requested: 80000
status: Final


This grant request outlines our proposal to develop innovative GitHub tools that leverage decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) principles and the Algorand blockchain to manage source code through onchain voting decisions. The project aims to empower developers and communities by providing a transparent and efficient platform for collaborative decision-making and consensus-building.

The proposed solution centers around the utilization of Vote Coin standard on the Algorand blockchain to facilitate onchain voting processes. By integrating Vote Coin standard into GitHub’s existing infrastructure, we aim to create a seamless experience for developers, allowing them to propose, discuss, and vote on various aspects of source code management directly within the GitHub platform.

The key objectives of this project is:

Integration with GitHub: We will build a set of tools and interfaces that seamlessly integrate with GitHub’s existing functionality. These tools will enable start of DAO vote on each Pull Request, and after end of the voting session with positive DAO result, the merge of the pull request.

The successful implementation of this project will revolutionize source code management by introducing a transparent and democratic decision-making process within the GitHub ecosystem and all allgorand onchain communities. By leveraging the power of Vote Coin and the Algorand blockchain, developers and communities will have a platform to collectively shape the evolution of software projects. We believe that this project has the potential to foster collaboration, innovation, and consensus-building within the software development community, leading to enhanced quality and inclusivity in code development.

We kindly request your support in the form of a grant to bring this project to fruition and contribute to the advancement of decentralized governance within the software development ecosystem.


Scholtz - Product owner. Active on Algorand forum, runs a few projects in Algorand ecosystem such as the VoteCoin, A-Wallet, Aramid Bridge, Stabilitas, ASA.Gold. Has been winner in few hackathons, such as Algorand encode hack 2021, EUvsVirus, Swiss blockchain hackathon 2021, Bitcoin bankathon, Encode DAO hack, Algo HackJam, Greenhouse hack III, Mega Ace Hackathon, …

Experience with Algorand

Scholtz & Co is relay node runner.

We provide many open source tools to help algorand communities - scholtz (scholtz) / Repositories · GitHub

Everyday Algonaut channel

Present Proposal

With this grant request we will implement source code management by DAO onchain decision making at github.



  1. GitHub tool to start onchain voting question.

  2. Github tool to track the result of the question and approve or deny Pull Request

Estimated project delivery is 5 months from the project approval by the Foundation. It is ok for us to be paid after the project is built and working.

Benefits for the community

  • Transparent Decision-Making: The integration of onchain voting tools using Vote Coin standard on Algorand will bring transparency to the decision-making process within the GitHub community. Developers will have visibility into proposed changes, discussions, and voting outcomes, fostering trust and accountability. This transparency will enhance community collaboration, enabling stakeholders to contribute meaningfully and have a say in the direction of software projects.
  • Inclusive Participation: The onchain voting tools will promote inclusive participation by giving developers of all levels of experience an equal opportunity to contribute to decision-making processes. By providing a user-friendly interface and educational resources, the tools will empower individuals to actively engage in shaping the development of software projects, regardless of their technical background or previous governance experience.
  • Efficient Consensus-Building: The decentralized nature of the onchain voting system will facilitate efficient consensus-building among community members. Rather than relying on traditional off-chain discussions and consensus mechanisms, the tools will enable real-time voting and decision-making, accelerating the feedback loop and reducing the time required to reach agreements. This efficiency will result in faster iterations and smoother project progression.
  • Community Empowerment: The introduction of onchain voting tools will empower the algorand community by decentralizing decision-making processes. Developers and stakeholders will no longer need to rely solely on project maintainers or centralized authorities to make crucial decisions. Instead, the tools will enable collective decision-making, allowing the community to shape the project’s direction and prioritize features or improvements based on the majority’s consensus.
  • Enhanced Project Governance: By integrating Vote Coin and utilizing Algorand’s blockchain capabilities, the onchain voting tools will provide a robust and tamper-proof governance framework. The immutability and security offered by blockchain technology will ensure the integrity of voting results, preventing manipulation or fraudulent activities. This enhanced project governance will instill confidence in the community, attracting more contributors and fostering long-term project sustainability.
  • Ecosystem Growth: The introduction of innovative GitHub tools that leverage blockchain technology and decentralized governance will position the GitHub ecosystem at the forefront of cutting-edge software development practices. This advancement will attract developers and communities seeking transparent and democratic decision-making processes, thereby expanding the GitHub user base and fostering a vibrant and thriving ecosystem.
  • Additionally, the integration of onchain voting tools using Vote Coin on Algorand will contribute to the growth and recognition of the Algorand ecosystem as a whole. Leveraging the advanced features of Vote Coin, such as delegation of voting power and encrypted voting, will showcase the robustness and versatility of the Algorand blockchain technology.
  • Furthermore, as the GitHub community embraces the onchain voting tools and experiences the benefits of decentralized decision-making, it will create a positive feedback loop for Algorand. Increased adoption and usage of Algorand’s blockchain for governance purposes will foster network effects, attracting more developers, organizations, and stakeholders to explore and utilize Algorand’s technology stack. This, in turn, will contribute to the growth and expansion of the Algorand ecosystem, establishing it as a leading blockchain platform for decentralized applications and governance solutions.
  • Vote Coin project boost: Marketing from grant application from the Foundation will lead to more awareness of the Vote Coin standard for onchain voting and DAO management. This will have positive impact on all algorand onchain communities, the vote coin project, and the Algorand ecosystem as a whole.

Overall, the implementation of onchain voting tools using Vote Coin on Algorand will bring numerous benefits to the community, including transparency, inclusivity, efficiency, empowerment, enhanced project governance, and ecosystem growth. By embracing decentralized governance principles, the GitHub community can tap into the collective intelligence and creativity of its members, leading to better software projects and a more engaged and fulfilled developer community.

Additional information

Other links with discussion:

As Vote Coin is not an ARC, perhaps you should not refer to it as a ‘standard’. A better description would be the Vote Coin metadata schema.

HTML is not ARC and it is a standard. Not everything on algorand has to be standardized by algorand… And actualy we had initiation to call it AMS … Algorand message standard. GitHub - scholtz/AMS: Algorand message standards

There are certain requirements for something to be considered a Standard:
“A metadata schema becomes a “standard” when it has been officially designated as a standard by a relevant organization, widely adopted, and recognized as the preferred way to describe data within a specific domain.”

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why has this proposal even passed to voting? It wasn’t discussed here at all, wtf is this!!!

Votecoin has been around for years but what impact has it had on the ecosystem?

Aside from votecoin ASA who actually uses the tools? I haven’t seen anyone else use them.

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