0 microAlgos - Yet Sync Time: 0.0s


When running

./goal node status -d data

The output is:

Last committed block: 57308

Time since last block: 0.9s

Sync Time: 0.0s

suggesting that my node is up to date. Running

./carpenter -d data

I can see it’s working.

Yet I don’t see any balance when running in the CLI

./goal account balance -a <adress> -d data

as the output is

0 microAlgos

But looking on the Algoexplorer and pasting in my address, I can see that I have successfully added Algos to my account, BUT it shows block number 58514, way ahead of my local block number.
Just to make sure, version is up to date as well.
./update.sh -d data Current Version = 131093 Latest Version = 131093 No new version found

I’m confused. Any help appreciated. Thanks.

Is your block number growing? What is at now.

Blocknumber is 58199 and yes it is growing; I can see that in carpenter.

OK give it a bit more time to see if it catches up. The sync time still shows 0?

Yes, the block is now at 58867 and still 0 microAlgos.

 $ ./goal node status -d data
Last committed block: 58867
Time since last block: 1.7s
Sync Time: 0.0s
Last consensus protocol: https://github.com/algorandfoundation/specs/tree/5615adc36bad610c7f165fa2967f4ecfa75125f0
Next consensus protocol: https://github.com/algorandfoundation/specs/tree/5615adc36bad610c7f165fa2967f4ecfa75125f0
Round for next consensus protocol: 58868
Next consensus protocol supported: true
Genesis hash: kkBJKhT+foCKbrq+AaYR+XVZNuX4GZZjedKTZZLcUlk=
 ~/node                                                                                           ✔  3173  17:36:39
 $ ./goal account balance -a 5MAT6JIIZTIO3DEAJFSN2A2EIGL3CYVOJ6ULNIDKM4C7VAOUUCIP7ZJAII -d data
0 microAlgos

Testnet is well over 60k blocks now. I just check and it is at: 60842

I’m at 59168. And balance is still at 0. Don’t understand what’s going on or what I’m doing wrong.

it looks like it is still catching up. Can you paste some of your carpenter output?

David from our team just checked your account:
./goal account balance -d data/node/ -a 5MAT6JIIZTIO3DEAJFSN2A2EIGL3CYVOJ6ULNIDKM4C7VAOUUCIP7ZJAII
1300014300 microAlgos

So you do have Algos in it.

59381.0.0:                BlockAssembled 4372J-59381.0.0|
59381.0.1:              ProposalAccepted GZPFU-59381.0.0|
59381.0.1:                BlockPipelined GZPFU-59381.0.0|
59381.0.0:                BlockAssembled GZPFU-59381.0.0|
59381.0.1:              ProposalAccepted H27MH-59381.0.0|
59381.0.1:                BlockPipelined H27MH-59381.0.0|
59381.0.0:                BlockAssembled H27MH-59381.0.0|
59381.0.1:                   StepTimeout      -       |
Here is the output and yes, I can see the amount in Algoexplorer, but not in the terminal.

0 microAlgos

And the huge amount of 1300 was because I thought that I had to transfer 1000 instead of 100 Algos.

The problem is you’re on the wrong network. Stop your node and copy the genesis.json file from ~/node/genesisfiles/genesis.json into your data directory and start the node again. There was an issue in 0.2.20 that installed the wrong file for new installs.

Yes David! Now it works. Thanks a lot.

1300019500 microAlgos